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Thermalex 2000

Standard thermalex 1 silver 2 header

Thermalex 2000

The series of sectional doors Thermalex 2000 is specially designed for commercial and industrial applications. Made of galvanized steel and polyurethane, Thermalex series is robust and very resistant to the different climatic factors, it is perfectly suitable for applications requiring a high thermal efficiency. The Thermalex product line presents a wide range of specifications and options to suit all your needs. Ideal for fridges, warehouses etc.


The Thermalex door is a good choice for commercial and industrial companies. Thermalex 2000 meets high standards of thermal protection. It offers increased wind resistance and minimize air infiltration.


Choosing a Thermalex 2000 door means benefit from unparalleled insulation and energy efficiency uncommon. A choice of design and colors available in various models.


Sectional overhead doors Thermalex are equal in quality and durability. It offers outstanding performance and helps to save you money through its exceptional properties that prevent excessive thermal losses.