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Sealing cushions for dock levelers

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Sealing cushions for dock levelers

Dock leveler seal cushions offer both practical and safe benefits. Acting as an insulator, sealing cushions help to reduce thermal losses considerably. Trucks can safely retreat and rely on them, maximizing all handling work on loading docks.

Customized to your needs

Our primary goal is to meet all your needs! Our wide selection of cushions is designed and adapted to whatever your situation is. Call our experts and let yourself be guided to the appropriate cushion for your needs.

Reduces risks

It is well known that the handling of goods during loading and unloading operations can lead to damage to trucks. The use of a sealing cushion is a good choice for protecting your equipment and employees.

Resistant design

Manufactured with resistant materials that meet the highest industry standards, our waterproofing cushions are robust and powerful.