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Rolling door

Standard porte roulante

Rolling door

Our line of rolling steel service as well as insulated doors bonds uncompromising value with design principals firmly rooted in this industry. The rolling doors are manufactured to strict engineering and according to standards. This range of door is an industrial product made to offer a great level of trust between the architect and the user. The service door range with its blades galvanized by hot dipping, the flat profile, curved or isolated is provided with a coat of different colored paint finish. The operation of chain hoist, structural steel guides, springs 20 000 cycles and a manufacturer's warranty are standard features of this series.

Rolling door service 24 gauges

Developed and designed, affordable solution for the loading dock and material handling, this service door presents full-size blades 24 gauges and embedded steel structural guides, superior full-size plates, structural hood, drive ball bearing and quick release guides. The characteristics of the commercial design of this door model add value to the set.

Fire Dampers

The fire dampers bearing a label from the Underwriters Laboratory is made to be installed to the plasterboard plates, and steel or the masonry. The counter flap with compact design present performance engineering characteristic visual appearance and maximum protection against fire. The rolling door are offered in a variety of colors. The crude steel is treated with a hot-dip galvanized layer, followed by a baked enamel primer and a top coat of polyester, can vary depending the caliber. This method is the basis of the powder coating. You can choose between 188 colors for powder coating. The number RAL are provided for every color to ensure that your choice is precise and exact.


Several choices of options based on the rolling door chosen: brake in continuous operation without clutch spring, motorized operation, chain hoists in operation, border security electric two wire, perforated curtain, prefinished galvanized steel, curtain and stainless steel guides, curtain clear anodized aluminum and more. Ask our representatives for the list of options.