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Pow Air Door pneumatic system

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Pow Air Door pneumatic system

Till 1990, Upwardor innovated the Canadian market by launching their pneumatic door opener system. The Pow air door system work with the air pressure, can be set at three different speeds adjustable whose fastest reaches 3 'to the second. This system has only one moving part made of non-corrosive materials since it contains no piece such as chains, limits, belt, brakes, clutch etc... Made specifically for ultra-circuit repeated use Pow’air’Dor outperforms the competition, having proved able to operate more than 5 million cycles. In addition to regular maintenance, this eco-friendly system will guarantee you an exceptional efficiency and longevity. It is equipped with a reliable rollover safety system.

Target market

Car wash, barracks, car dealership, places requiring corrosion or explosion-proof system. GO WATCH THE VIDEO COMPARITIVE OF PNEUMATIC AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS!


Resistant to corrosion Pow Air Door pneumatic system require practically no special maintenance. A maintenance of about ten minutes per month is enough to maintain its proper functioning.


Pow Air Door is energy efficient and consumes only 2/3 of the energy used by other operators. Its fully sealed system prevents any external elements from entering the cylinder. Its control panel is equipped with a clear cover to facilitate a quick and contactless inspection. LED lights indicate each of the components. The movement of the chariot is fast, but delicate and silent and does not cause the cables to disembark. Option available for air operation only for environments at risk of explosion.