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AL976 Door

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AL976 Door

The aluminium AL976 Door offers a multitude of options to provide superior strength, maximum visibility and unmatched brightness. Its unique conception provides a completely personalized door for your need for an opening up to 24’-0’’ wide. Since its launch in 1976, the AL976 door has proven itself in a wide variety of applications as car washes, fire stations, bus terminals, service stations, terraces restaurant-bar-cafe, car dealerships, etc.… Built to last, the AL976 includes a range of features that assures durability and long term performance.


Made of aluminum and fully glazed the AL976 Door is principally used for car dealerships, fire stations or front stores.


The AL976 Door, is available in various finishes and colors. Completely fenestrated it provides a maximum brightness. Many types of glazing are available: single glazing, insulated glazing, tempered glass.


Every section is provided with a weather strip for minimizing and preventing air infiltration. Its composition ensures durability and increases its long-term performance.